Michael Hanisch
Photographer & Director
Arndtstrasse 13
D-10965 Berlin, Germany

Phone +49 1577 1566680




Michael studied Photography Design in Berlin and started his career as an assistant to several leading photographers in Germany and England. Back in the days when Polaroids and large format cameras were not considered relics, he loved to learn the infinitely facets of analogue photography with great dedication. 
He found himself shooting photos at the most dreadful hours, traveling the world, and being able to participate in great projects.

He developed a craving for good light, which gradually changed his perspective. It's undeniable that his works reflect his passion for cinematic lighting. One of his go-to approaches: When you stray from the beaten path, you stumble upon some seriously rad opportunities. Or as Thrice puts it: "There's a bigger game, and there's a deeper dream, you don't have to stay, inside of that machine".

His work now represents what he is most passionate about: exploring the boundaries of human interaction, the aesthetics of brands and the point of it all. Michael loves experimentation. His keen eye, and urge to solve problems, drive him every day as a photographer. 

Beyond that, you will find Michael in his garden repairing the boat, painting the little cottage in Falun Red or trying to figure out how to fly to a black hole without getting sucked in.

Selected Clients

Audi, Dekra, Ford, GMC, Hochtief, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, The Lincoln Motor Company, Volkswagen, Volvo